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Some programs sell themselves either because they are a recognizable brand, their website converts well, or they offer incentives to their affiliates for hitting specific milestones.

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Rewarding your affiliates is a key to success, because if they are happy they will continue promoting your program and some may put more effort in. I am going to show you how to set up commission rules in ShareASale so that when affiliates hit certain milestones set up by you they will get a bonus automatically credited to their accounts. You can do this manually, but ShareASale has a great feature that automates the entire process. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up personalized commission rules in the merchant interface of ShareASale. You will be taken to a new page where you will begin the setup process of your incentive campaigns.

There are a variety of incentives to offer affiliates, some of them include: a first sale bonus, double commission on sales for the first 30 days, a bonus for referring a predefined amount of sales in the first 30 days of being an affiliate, and so on.

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Be sure to choose ones that will encourage activity immediately upon joining and also make financial sense to you. In the affiliate programs I manage I like to offer all new affiliates a first sale bonus. It shows them that we care about their performance and that it motivates them even after the first sale. We may offer that affiliate other private incentives down the road if performance continues at a high level. Next, you want to select the action. Once you have the name and action complete you will need to apply conditions to the rule.

To make things even easier you should tag your affiliates so that setting up the rules become even easier. If you have a brand new program with no sales you will not need to create tags immediately, but if you have an established program generating sales you will need to create tags to make sure only new affiliates are being credited for their first sale. Creating commission rules will help automate the bonus process. As noted earlier, there are other options in terms of bonuses, so be sure to review the ones available in ShareASale and choose the ones that will motivate your affiliates.

Rewarding your affiliates should be a part of the overall program optimization process, but make financial sense to you, the merchant. Happy affiliates are the best kind and they tend to spread the good word about you to their peers. Communicating with your affiliates is extremely important to keeping them engaged and active.

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Newsletters should have a personal touch and provide affiliates with information they can use to further promote your products. In January I wrote a post on writing effective newsletters , but today I am going to show you how to send a newsletter through the ShareASale interface.

I will provide a step-by-step guide to this very important, but sometimes overlooked piece. When I send newsletters out for clients I use the HTML option because it allows me to create a robust newsletter with images and clickable links. The split campaign option is available when you want to maximize your open rate.

Fruitful Yield Health Foods – Schaumburg, IL

By default is provides a list of ALL affiliates to send to, but if you do not want to send it to all affiliates ShareASale allows you to search affiliates in many ways including: groups, tags, commissions earned, clicks, country they reside in, or even past newsletter recipients. Once you determine who is getting the newsletter you will see them in the recipients section to the right. This is the section where you actually compose your newsletter.

You must enter a compelling subject line you want affiliates to open it and the body of the newsletter. ShareASale offers ways to customize and personalize newsletter using Macros. You can insert a Macro and have the affiliates name automatically populate when it is sent to them and also include specific creatives that will embed the affiliates ID automatically.

Never Miss a Coupon or Deal

Once the subject line and body of the affiliate newsletter are complete you can preview it and make sure it is formatted the way you want and it is mistake free. In this step you can send a test to yourself to make sure all is good. This is the final step before the newsletter is sent to your affiliates. To the right you will see a summary that will include any items that need your attention.

Businesses in Related Categories to Vitamins & Food Supplements

The ones that require your attention will be in red. You have the option to schedule it, but not for a specific time, only certain times during the day. There you have it, a guide to sending an affiliate newsletter through ShareASale. Like many of the other tasks in ShareASale it is straight forward. Next week I will show you how to locate affiliate newsletter open rate information. Designing them and making them affiliate friendly is one thing, but how do you make them available to affiliates?

I will show you a step-by-step guide to uploading banners and text links in ShareASale. Whether you are uploading one banner or one hundred it is still a straight-forward process. ShareASale has made uploading banners extremely easy. Next, you will want to add the URL to where the banner will be linked, provide a name for the banner, assign a category, add alternative text if applicable , and set the privacy option. The privacy option allows you to make the banner s public to all affiliates or to select affiliates of your choice. This is a very similar process to uploading banners.

There is a drop-down box to toggle between uploading banners and text links.

How to Setup Discount Amount

First, add the URL where the text link is going to be directed to. In the square you want to put exactly what you want your text link to say i. As with uploading banners you want to name the link, assign it a category and set your privacy settings i. Once you have uploaded all your banners and text links you should check to make sure they loaded properly. This will tell you how many banners and text links you have. There you have it, a quick guide to uploading banners and text links in ShareASale. It is not difficult, but if you are not familiar with the interface it can be time consuming and tedious.

Providing a thorough inventory of banners and text links is essential, therefore, knowing the most popular sizes to create is imperative. Want to know the most popular affiliate banner sizes? Check out my post on affiliate banner ads. Free Parking Note: If the Convention Center parking lot is full when you arrive, there is additional free parking in the lots of the adjacent office buildings. The use of strollers, carts or wagons is prohibited except as needed for transporting children or medical equipment.

In this interactive presentation, Elizabeth will illuminate the numerous places where gluten, allergens, toxins and even carcinogens are hidden in our daily living. Many with auto-immune issues, skin problems, sleeplessness, low energy, pain and cancer are unintentionally sabotaging their wellness. Learn how to look and feel better while having peace of mind that all in your home is safe for you and your family. Dream of eating safe meals free from gluten and other allergens in restaurants? Want to travel gluten free or with food allergies across the US and the globe?


Kim Koeller, world traveler with celiac and multiple food allergies, shares her travel insights from visiting all 50 States and flying almost 3 million miles to six continents. Learn tips for ordering safe meals in ethnic restaurants including hidden ingredients, food preparation and cross-contact considerations. Discover gluten free and allergy friendly apps and other tools for dining in restaurants and traveling.

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