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  1. Ten Tips to Lowering Car Rental Rates
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With a little work, less will be best! How do you shop for rental cars?

Ten Tips to Lowering Car Rental Rates

Do you find it complicated to find the best deals? Share your car rental tips.

Rebates at Save More With Mr. Hi Carol, Love the images on this post! I am a big fan of Enterprise Rental Car.

They pick you up, which is very helpful. They had great service and a wonderful selection of cars. You can test drive a car for a day that way before you commit to owning it for years.

Car Rental Booking Tips

Great information here, thanks for sharing! Hi Carolyn, thanks for sharing your experiences. I have not yet used the Enterprise service, but have heard good things about it. And I love the idea of renting a car before buying.

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I had completely forgotten about that one — we scoped out cars two years ago via our vacation car rentals. But we did find another car on another trip that surprised us in that we really liked it. Once again, a great tip for rental cars! Hi This is an excellent post on how the car rental charges can be minimized.

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One can also try the car shipping services in any other country if you want your car to the other place. It would be so good to drive your own car in any other country and relax, by not giving any extra charges to car rentals : … This way you will be able to enjoy the recreation you planned in your own car. Hi Aania, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comments. An interesting idea to consider for travelers to destinations where they can ship a car.

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They were pleased with their experience. Thanks for sharing this additional option.

Avis Discounts & Coupons

Interesting and useful list of tips. Nice to go through it.