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MSI understands gaming as few do. Its G notebook series are built with the state-of-the-art components delivering the best in-gaming technology. These laptops deliver high performance for any gaming enthusiast and are categorized from performance driven portable gaming solutions to high-end desktop replacement powerhouses. For ASUS, security matters and some of their latest models come with fingerprint reader to keep your computer and your information out of unauthorized scrutiny. With the multitude of mobile electronic devices available today, terms like laptop, notebook, netbook, and tablet may become confusing to some users.

In this guide, buyers interested in purchasing a laptop or netbook will learn about the differences in size, portability, input options, hardware, and pricing between all these types of machines. Below, we give you a quick description of the aspects you can keep in mind when looking for one or the other:. Smaller laptops may have a inch screen, whereas the largest laptops boast screen sizes of The larger screen sizes are primarily reserved for massive, powerful laptops with high-end graphics capabilities that are generally used by gamers.

Laptops can also be heavy, with the average laptop weighing around four to six pounds and some gaming laptops weighing as much as 10 pounds. When you first pick up one of these machines, the weight may not seem significant. However, if you will need to carry the laptop in a shoulder bag or in a hand-held laptop case for any length of time, you will soon realize how heavy those four to six pounds can become.

Netbooks are also much thinner than most laptops, except for the ultra-thin MacBook Air laptop. Laptops and netbooks offer a variety of input options, both for user controls and for input such as files and programs. Both feature a keyboard, USB ports, and a touchpad that can be used instead of a mouse. However, laptops include some features that netbooks do not, for instance: optical drive, full numeral keyboards, bigger speaker system, larger screens, and they are easier to upgrade.

Since they are designed for portability, most laptops have keyboards that are smaller than standard-size versions. Netbooks, however, are even smaller than laptops, and thus feature a much more compact keyboard. For limited use, this may serve you well. For long periods of typing, you may find that the cramped position into which their hands are forced causes pain in their wrists and fingers. Left untreated, such pain can develop into a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. If you plan to type for long periods of time, you may wish to consider a larger netbook or a laptop.

External optical drives may be an alternative for netbook owners, however. These drives can be plugged in via USB port, but since the USB ports on a netbook are limited, you may find yourself using all the available ports to run the external optical drive. If netbook owners are considering booting up their machine via optical drive, they should be aware that most netbooks cannot boot up from a USB drive. Both laptops and netbooks feature USB and Ethernet ports, although these ports are limited compared to the number available on a typical desktop computer. With the increasing capacity and speed of USB flash drives also referred to as thumb drives or flash drives and the variety of software available for direct download from the Web, netbook users may not even miss having an optical drive.

They can use their regular desktop PC to transfer programs, media, and other information to the netbook as needed or a cloud service platform they might be subscribed to.

The Best Refurbished Laptop Deals

The hardware in a laptop is much more powerful than that found in a typical netbook. The key pieces of hardware for which this difference is most noticeable are the hard drive, the processor, and the battery. A hard drive contains layers of rotating, circular platters made of glass or aluminum and covered with a sensitive magnetic coating. The hard drive reads the data from these platters. A speck of dirt or dust on one of the platters can be enough to cause serious damage or data loss to the hard drive.

Many laptops include plenty of hard drive space, sometimes up to GB. Netbooks, on the other hand, sometimes come with as little as 16GB of hard drive space. Laptops and netbooks should be stored in durable cases with cushioned compartments, and you should avoid dropping them or even setting them down with too much force. Laptops have much higher processing power than netbooks do. Some laptops contain dual-core or even quad-core processors, resulting in a significant jump in processing power.

Netbooks are not designed for heavy-duty graphics.

Buy Refurbished Laptops Online at low Prices in India

They are much more useful for simple word processing, emails, Web surfing, preparing presentations, creating spreadsheets, and similar tasks. The reduced size of the netbook means that it cannot contain a large battery. Its battery life is limited, ranging from two to six hours of battery with average use. The smaller the netbook, the shorter its battery life is likely to be.

Although laptops commonly have larger batteries, they also run hardware that is more powerful and run more programs and processes, so their average battery life may not be much longer than that of a netbook. Laptops contain more digital storage space, bigger and better hardware, and bigger screens, and each of those amenities costs the manufacturer money, which translates into a higher price tag for you. Since netbooks are designed to serve basic graphics and hardware functions, manufacturers develop them with small screens, and using hardware with minimal requirements which results in low-cost machines.

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Certified Refurbished Tech Save on laptops, phones, and more. Apple MacBook Pro Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 2.

Why You Should Buy a Refurbished Laptop

Apple MacBook Air HP Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery View. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. This MacBook Air has been professionally restored to working order by an approved vendor. It has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications. Screen may also show light keyboard marks but this does not affect functionality. Power adapter is included. Original packaging is not included. See similar items. Condition is Used. Shipped with UPS Ground. Huawei Matebook X This is the non touch version. Screen is 13" x aspect ratio like the Surface laptop, not the usual This is a wonderful laptop.

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